Steve Collins
Certified Operations Manager
Universal Certified
WI DNR #24153030

Our Mission

The year 1982 marked the start of our steadfast commitment to a cleaner environment. It all began with one man, a truck, and a vision of building a company based on superior service and a commitment to efficient and effective recycling. Refrigerant Recovery Inc., is committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth's valuable resources through the art of responsible recycling.

With almost 30 years of experience of working for a cleaner environment, Refrigerant Recovery Inc., has served not just individuals and small businesses, but also local schools and government, waste haulers, retailers and property management companies, recycling hundreds of thousands of major household items from appliances to large rooftop units. We also remove rooftop units, commercial unit evacuations, and cylinder evacuations & exchanges. Our hauling and recycling services guarantees both on-site and outside removal of both residential and commercial appliances, and we offer several pick-up equipment availability. We also accept drop-offs!!

Service is usually within 2 business days, and all of our service technicians are certified, licensed, insured and bonded. Our drivers are CDL-ready for commercial pick-ups. Nevertheless, illegal activities, including appliance dumping, venting of refrigerant, and release of hazardous components to the environment still occur. Appliance owners should avoid illegal dumping and should dispose of appliances responsibly. Make sure to schedule the collection of your appliance with Refrigerant Recovery Inc.. Appliances simply left at the curb without a scheduled pick-up date are likely to be picked up by a peddler WHO MAY IMPROPERLY VENT REFRIGERANT or otherwise dispose of the appliance in an unsound manner.